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Lindsey Hyson Clinical Psychologist  

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist, providing therapy to individuals, children, adolescents, couples and families. I also provide psychological assessment for the White River area.

What is therapy?

Therapy is about creating a context for change and unleashing potential. It is a developmental journey which is experiental and encourages reflection. In therapy, people can widen their perspective on themselves and the world around them and find clarity on how to proceed in the future, while taking lessons from the past.

Many people may come to therapy to work with themes such as:

relationship conflicts
loss and grief

People may also be faced with difficult choices or simply desire personal growth or want to develop their interpersonal skills.

I work in collaboration with my client, communicating and co-creating a compelling future to achieve a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I become a participant with my client, to understand them and their potential most fully.

Where to find me?

White River.

Practice No. 0333115 | cell: 082 567 6929 | email info@lindseyhyson.co.za